Event Flier Project

Event Flier-page-001

Event flier

Process: In our small community small town football is a big deal. Our team and a team from a town about 15 minutes away have always had a huge football rivalry. The real game is actually tomorrow like it says on the flier, but I thought it would be a good idea to had a beneficiary and a benefactor so that the community is not only enjoying in a tradition, but helping out fellow community members as well. All in all, I thought it was a good choice because I was able to add even more appeal to an already popular event.

Critique: I had two classmates who gave me some great feedback. On my initial draft one told me that I had forgotten to had a benefactor and a beneficiary, so I made sure to include those. Another suggested that I do something different with the body text to make it more legible. I took that advice and bolded the text so it could be read more easily.

Colors: Big Split Complementary- Green, Yellow, Gold/Orange and Purple

Text: Title- Gill Sans Ultra Bold; Body-Garamond; The Numbers for the teams’ records- Goudy Stout

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