Slide Design Project

Speaker’s Outline

The Left: High on openness to experience

The Right: Closed to many new ideas and experiences

Morality: Our minds come organized and programmed to learn certain things. This includes morality.






As a society we must use all five of these tools if we are to succeed. Liberals need Conservatives to balance them out.

Just like Ying and Yang Conservative and Liberals support and compliment one another.

In the end it is about what is right, now who is right.


Recently I have been very interested in politics and social issues. When the instructions for this assignment mentioned a “TED” type talk I was reminded of a talk I saw for another class that had to do with both politics and morals. I immediately found a variety of pictures that would work well with the talk. Below is my initial sketch of what I had in mind. Fortunately, technology was able to help me create more professional and artistic slides.


Critique Report

I posted my Slide Design Project on the Facebook page a little bit later than most, but I was still able to get feedback from Cassidy Deering. She mentioned that two of the photos seemed blurry to her, but I double checked them in my PowerPoint and PDF and they look good to me and the size of the pictures were large as well so I left them how they were. Other than that I wasn’t advised to change anything.

Link to talk:

Fonts: Garamond and Berlin Sans FB Demi

Links to images:


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