Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Ted Cruz Campaign
Objective: Raise awareness of what Ted Cruz really represents.
Strategy: Post all over Facebook and Google Plus. Offer a free Ted Cruz bumper stick and T-shirt for the first 1000 likes.

In light of the upcoming presidential election, I thought it would be appropriate to raise awareness of a particular president for this project. I figured that the most effective way to show some of the viewpoints of this candidate was through an infographic. Therefore, I found a design I liked on the free infographic creator”” and starting creating. On the internet I found a few good pictures with quotes that fit well with my design so I included them along with my design and two graphs.

The main message of the infographic is that Ted Cruz is a serious contender in the presidential race. Not only that, but there is also the message that his ideas and values connect with what the majority of Americans want. He is a proven fighter against legislation that the majority of Americans disagree with and a promoter of the bills and actions that they do agree with. I also thought a patriotic color scheme was appropriate for the topic. Click on the image below to zoom in for a better view:

Ted Cruz Infographic

Critique: I posted my infographic for critique on the class Facebook page Wednesday night. Two classmates provided feedback, both Chelsea Cook and Regina Hull. One suggested that I get rid of one of my pictures with quotes because it is difficult to read and doesn’t go with the rest of my infographic. However, I left it because I consider the quote essential to the message of my infographic. Another suggested that I fix a grammatical error which I gladly did. I also had my brother Seth critique it, but he said that he wouldn’t take anything away and he felt like adding anything else would be too much.


Image Sources:


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