Movie Poster Project


Kade Movie PosterMessage/Audience: I am a huge fan of action movies and the first movie poster I thought of was that of “The Bourne Ultimatum.” It seemed like an easy enough of a poster to replicate the original. I also thought it would be an attention-getter. One, for the gun involved in the pictures, which suggests action. Two, because the “Bourne” movie series was extremely popular among action movie goers and I thought is was a good opportunity to reach out to that audience.

Critique Report: I first had my wife critique my poster and she helped me to  find the right locations for the title and other text. She also gave me some positive ideas on how I could touch up the edges of the poster. After her, I followed the ideas of my classmates Carrie Clark and Park Sims to remember to leave spacing on the edges as well to slightly adjust my title so that it would look better on the poster.

Fonts: Titles- Myriad Pro Regular; Other text- Arial Narrow

Images: Both images are my own.


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