13A Final Portfolio Project

In completing this my final portfolio I had a lot of fun. In the slideshow I situated my projects in a way so that it started off with bang and ended with a hoorah. In the introduction  and conclusion I chose to make part of my name a different color to match the color of the slide. Then, throughout the slideshows I added different colors to help each project stand out individually. However, I chose to maintain a red bar at the bottom to connect the whole project to the introduction and concluding slides.

Critique: I had my wife and sister critique my slides tonight. They liked almost everything. However, they suggested that I switch my intro and conclusion slides for a more dramatic effect which I gladly did.

Typography: Titles- Impact(Headings); Text- Times New Roman



12A Magazine Spread Draft

Here is my Magazine Spread Draft. I had a lot of fun with this project. It took me a while to decide on a shape map, but I figured one out that I liked. I also really love the images because the share of feeling of brightness and happiness. The primary reason I chose them is for the colors that gladden the heart. For the story I used my wife’s conversion story as inspiration.

Updated Project:

In finalizing this Magazine layout I sought out the advice of my wife. She said that I should change the title. As you can see from the previous image, I did so by moving it up towards the top of the page and changing the text color to purple. I also got a little feedback from my brother. However, I didn’t use his feedback because he thought I should divide the top image into two images and I didn’t think that was a good idea.

Click on the link  below to see my video review:


Font: Titles-Lucida Handwriting; Text-Mongolian Baiti

Image sources:



11A Webpage Layout Project

Guns Webpage.jpg

Project: I didn’t have much time to complete the project, but I thought it would be fun to do a gun website since that is one of my hobbies. I found some awesome pictures online and I decided to use a layout that was a little off center to make it more visually appealing.

Colors: Gold, Silver and Black

Font type: Engravers MT Regular

Image sources:





Movie Poster Project


Kade Movie PosterMessage/Audience: I am a huge fan of action movies and the first movie poster I thought of was that of “The Bourne Ultimatum.” It seemed like an easy enough of a poster to replicate the original. I also thought it would be an attention-getter. One, for the gun involved in the pictures, which suggests action. Two, because the “Bourne” movie series was extremely popular among action movie goers and I thought is was a good opportunity to reach out to that audience.

Critique Report: I first had my wife critique my poster and she helped me to  find the right locations for the title and other text. She also gave me some positive ideas on how I could touch up the edges of the poster. After her, I followed the ideas of my classmates Carrie Clark and Park Sims to remember to leave spacing on the edges as well to slightly adjust my title so that it would look better on the poster.

Fonts: Titles- Myriad Pro Regular; Other text- Arial Narrow

Images: Both images are my own.

Photographic Study Project

When I first started this project I had no idea what I was going to use as a subject with for my photos. Then, I remembered my dad’s old Smith and Wesson .44 Mag. I am a firearms lover to a certain extent and I thought that this was a good way to show a little bit of my personality through art. I had a lot of fun shooting pictures of the gun (no pun intended 😉 from variety of different angles perspectives. I especially like the shots that are zoomed on a particular part of the gun. Then, working them in Photoshop was a challenge, but it ended up being really rewarding.

.44 Mag Collage
.44 Mag Collage

Below are other great photos I was able to shoot that I didn’t include in the collage.

IMG_5316 IMG_5319 IMG_5322 IMG_5328

LFC Photography Activity

Outdoor Light
Outdoor Light
Indoor Light
Indoor Light
Rule of Thirds
Rule of Thirds
Lead Room
Lead Room

I’ve never really been much of a photographer, but I had a lot of fun with this activity.

For the outdoor lighting pictue I was able to catch some of the lighting of an Arizona Sunset. Then, when I took my indoor lighting photo I couldn’t think of a better focal point than our pet guinea pig.

Finally, for the two different focuses, foreground and background, I borrowed by brothers cool little pocket knife, stuck it in the dirt and used a nice wall as a backdrop.

For the last two photos I had my little brother be the subject of my photos. For the first one I found some sweet boulders outside of my dad’s house that worked nicely for the rule of thirds. Finally, I had my four-wheeler and brother be the subjects in my lead room photo and I carefully ensured that they were both facing the focal point of the sunset.

My pictures didn’t look that great, but after taking them to Lightroom and doing some edits they look terrific!

Social Media Marketing Project

Company: Ted Cruz Campaign
Objective: Raise awareness of what Ted Cruz really represents.
Strategy: Post all over Facebook and Google Plus. Offer a free Ted Cruz bumper stick and T-shirt for the first 1000 likes.

In light of the upcoming presidential election, I thought it would be appropriate to raise awareness of a particular president for this project. I figured that the most effective way to show some of the viewpoints of this candidate was through an infographic. Therefore, I found a design I liked on the free infographic creator”infogr.am” and starting creating. On the internet I found a few good pictures with quotes that fit well with my design so I included them along with my design and two graphs.

The main message of the infographic is that Ted Cruz is a serious contender in the presidential race. Not only that, but there is also the message that his ideas and values connect with what the majority of Americans want. He is a proven fighter against legislation that the majority of Americans disagree with and a promoter of the bills and actions that they do agree with. I also thought a patriotic color scheme was appropriate for the topic. Click on the image below to zoom in for a better view:

Ted Cruz Infographic

Critique: I posted my infographic for critique on the class Facebook page Wednesday night. Two classmates provided feedback, both Chelsea Cook and Regina Hull. One suggested that I get rid of one of my pictures with quotes because it is difficult to read and doesn’t go with the rest of my infographic. However, I left it because I consider the quote essential to the message of my infographic. Another suggested that I fix a grammatical error which I gladly did. I also had my brother Seth critique it, but he said that he wouldn’t take anything away and he felt like adding anything else would be too much.





Image Sources:




Magazine Content and Sketches

When I was thinking of what story I could write, I couldn’t think of a better story than the story of my sweet wife finding the Restored Gospel. So I asked her permission and wrote a brief history of how she found the Gospel and how it can be applicable to the reader’s lives. I chose to direct my writing to a young adult audience in the young adult section of the Ensign. Below is the story along with two different sketches of how the magazine article could look, as well as some eye-pleasing images that will be included in the article.

Story: The Lord Guides Those Who Are Actively Seeking Truth

College was full of fun and adventure for Perla. She would miss all the good times she had with friends at the University of Texas over the past 6 years. It had been a time where she came to understand herself better, but at the same time it caused her greater confusion. She had grown up an active Catholic, but as she began attending college she felt like something was missing from her life spiritually. She began going to different churches with friends trying to find something to fill the void she was filling. She didn’t even know what she was looking for, but she knew something was missing.

By the time she graduated with a Master’s degree she had basically given up on going to different churches and had decided that for her it was enough to just be a spiritual person. However, when the time came to choose a vocation she had a tough time deciding where to take a job. Finally, a job was offered for the State of Texas, but she would have to move a few hours away to a place she had never lived before. Nevertheless, she felt good about the decision (later she would discover that she had been inspired to make the decision) and decided to make the move.

However, instead of living in the small town where her job was located she decided to live in the city 45 minutes away due to the nature of the job and for various other reasons (including being guided by the Lord). And where do you think the Lord guided this woman seeking for truth? Why, to an apartment complex with 8 missionaries living in it of course. However, that is not how Perla found the Gospel. In fact, it was two days after she had moved that she was invited to dinner by the only family she knew in the city. It just so happened that this family was a less-active LDS family and that the missionaries were going to be there that night to have a family home evening with the family.

Four weeks later Perla had read the entire Book of Mormon and just six weeks later she was baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Now, you may be wondering where I fit into this story. Well, I was privileged to be one of the missionaries that was guided by the Lord to be in the right place at the right time and that helped guide Perla to baptism. Later I was even more blessed to be sealed to Perla for time and all eternity.

The reason I love my wife’s story of becoming a member of the Church is because it shows that the Lord is always willing to guide those who are actively seeking truth. Although, I have wondered why the Lord didn’t help her find the Church when she was going to different churches in college. There could be a multitude of reasons. However, I like use my wife’s experience as a guide to me in my own life. Just like my wife, we all have to always be open to the guidance of the Lord. We have to be willing to do what he asks at any moment. Then, as life goes on the Lord will continually guide us to truths as we become ready to receive them. The Lord knows each one of us individually and he will help us throughout our lives as long as we are open and willing to receive it. Even though you may not feel like you know all the answers now, keep moving forward and faith and the Lord will guide you to where you need to go.

Two Sketches





Kade and Perla

Image Sources

Personal photo



Slide Design Project

Speaker’s Outline

The Left: High on openness to experience

The Right: Closed to many new ideas and experiences

Morality: Our minds come organized and programmed to learn certain things. This includes morality.






As a society we must use all five of these tools if we are to succeed. Liberals need Conservatives to balance them out.

Just like Ying and Yang Conservative and Liberals support and compliment one another.

In the end it is about what is right, now who is right.


Recently I have been very interested in politics and social issues. When the instructions for this assignment mentioned a “TED” type talk I was reminded of a talk I saw for another class that had to do with both politics and morals. I immediately found a variety of pictures that would work well with the talk. Below is my initial sketch of what I had in mind. Fortunately, technology was able to help me create more professional and artistic slides.


Critique Report

I posted my Slide Design Project on the Facebook page a little bit later than most, but I was still able to get feedback from Cassidy Deering. She mentioned that two of the photos seemed blurry to her, but I double checked them in my PowerPoint and PDF and they look good to me and the size of the pictures were large as well so I left them how they were. Other than that I wasn’t advised to change anything.

Link to talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/jonathan_haidt_on_the_moral_mind

Fonts: Garamond and Berlin Sans FB Demi

Links to images:










Event Flier Project

Event Flier-page-001

Event flier

Process: In our small community small town football is a big deal. Our team and a team from a town about 15 minutes away have always had a huge football rivalry. The real game is actually tomorrow like it says on the flier, but I thought it would be a good idea to had a beneficiary and a benefactor so that the community is not only enjoying in a tradition, but helping out fellow community members as well. All in all, I thought it was a good choice because I was able to add even more appeal to an already popular event.

Critique: I had two classmates who gave me some great feedback. On my initial draft one told me that I had forgotten to had a benefactor and a beneficiary, so I made sure to include those. Another suggested that I do something different with the body text to make it more legible. I took that advice and bolded the text so it could be read more easily.

Colors: Big Split Complementary- Green, Yellow, Gold/Orange and Purple

Text: Title- Gill Sans Ultra Bold; Body-Garamond; The Numbers for the teams’ records- Goudy Stout

Links to images: